Hollywood brought Josie Goldberg to her

new brand and part-time job


In a two-part episode of "The Dr. Phil Show" that aired on CBS in November 2010 where she was crowned with the title "Spoiled And Entitled". But instead of crying over the comments made by critics, she garnered support from her fans and took the advice of respected legal analyst Lisa Bloom which was given to her in a follow up episode airing June 2011. Since then, Josie has continued to build a name for herself.


Josie Goldberg was on the set to shoot the pilot of HBO series Luck, a new show created by David Milch. Josie was told that Milch wanted to use her for the show and arranged training with personal coach Julie Ariola. HBO aired the first episode December 11, 2011 as a preview, garnering a total of 1.14 million viewers.

As luck would have it she did not get her part on the show, but being the hard working actress that she is, Josie started hanging out at the race track and ran across wealthy Italian business man Phil Daniels who she met at the turf club. She's since then gone into business incorporating 5 thoroughbred horses and is a known figure in the racing community.

Josie's "Spoiled And Entitled" brand made its grand debut in the form of racing silks worn by jockey Kayla Stra in the eighteenth race on Thursday March 8, 2012 with a post time of 4:30pm on the #11 position horse named "Salt Of The Earth".

The black and yellow silks were selected by Goldberg and don her playmate image on the back. When asked about how she came up with her selection she states "I chose black and yellow because my last name is Goldberg and everything I touch turns to gold, also the Jewish star is gold."

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